Animal Welfare &
Consumer Safety Policy


As described in this document, Woolrich John Rich & Bros (also referred to as “the Company”) follows ethical policies for the use of any animal-derived materials used in its products, and assures the highest degree of attention to consumer’s health.

Woolrich John Rich & Bros respects and believes that choosing to wear garments made with fur, down or other animal-derived material is a personal decision. Woolrich John Rich & Bros recognizes that animals are sensitive beings and should be treated in such a way that they do not suffer unnecessarily.

The Company’s approach is to provide customers with the most complete and transparent information about animal-derived materials used in its products, so that they may make their own conscious choice. For those who choose not to wear animal products, Woolrich also produces alternative synthetic options.

The company has focused its efforts on providing the highest quality animal-derived products to its customers, using animals raised in accordance with the relevant EU and international legislative references, as well as the highest animal welfare standards in the industry. Woolrich John Rich & Bros is making important long-term investments in order to assure the application of dedicated control procedures and traceability of products. The Company is also involving independent internationally recognized certification bodies to insure quality and safety.

Animal Welfare

The Woolrich John Rich & Bros. animal welfare policy follows all fundamental principles set by the European Convention for the Protection of Animals and Council Directive 98/58/EC, which set the general rules on the protection of animals kept for farming purposes.

All of the products sold by Woolrich John Rich & Bros. also comply with the international conventions, laws and regulations outlining international standards for animal protection. The three major regulations are as follows:

• The Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the most important regulation, ensures that international trade does not threaten the survival of any species;

• European Regulation n. 3254/1991 prohibits the use of leghold traps and forbids the introduction into the EU Community of animal species originating in countries that do not meet international trapping standards.

• European Regulation n. 1523/2007 prohibits the sale, import and export from EU Community of cat and dog fur.

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. makes extreme efforts to ensure that every animal-derived material included in Woolrich garments not only fulfills the legal minimum requirements established by the above laws and regulations, but also complies with more stringent rules and higher standards.


Woolrich John Rich & Bros uses only animal-derived products from suppliers that can prove, by means of documentary evidence and international certification, that fur has been obtained according to the international rules for animal protection and the utmost ethical and legal practices.

The Company continues to invest time and energy in its goal of achieving full traceability and control of fur materials along the supply chain. Woolrich John Rich & Bros. directly selects and purchases 100% of the raccoon and coyote fur used in its garments. This allows the Company to directly check and control the quality, origin and certification of the fur used in the collection.

Moreover, for the Fall Winter 2016 Collection, most of the fur (70% for Men’s & Women’s lines and 80% for the Kids line) was also manufactured in Italy by the most skilled Italian fur manufactures and artisans. These artisans come from families with a heritage of expertise who share the Company’s constant commitment to the highest standards. Here are some details about each fur type:


All raccoon fur used by Woolrich John Rich & Bros is of the Finland Finn Raccoon variety and has been bought through the renowned and certified Saga Furs Auction House. Woolrich John Rich & Bros choose to use Saga furs in order to provide the consumer with the best confirmation about the quality of life for the animals involved. In fact, Saga Furs offers Finn Raccoon collections coming exclusively from Certified Farmed Furs. To become certified, a farm must meet 32 requirements that range from well-being and animal health to farm hygiene and training for all possible conditions. The SAGA Certified hangtag on the garment assures consumers and certifies the fur item in question.


Ninety five percent of the fox fur used in Woolrich John Rich & Bros Outerwear garments is of the Finland Fox variety, certified by Saga Certification. The Saga hangtag on the garment assures consumers that the fur comes from a country where welfare regulations or standards governing fur production are in force and declares the animal species and its origin.


All coyote fur used in the Woolrich John Rich & Bros collection comes from professional and reliable Canadian trappers and hunters. Canada sets the standard in trapping methods, as a basis for the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS). Moreover, the community of Canadian trappers and hunters relies on the coyote for food and income; therefore, its practices reflect its respect for nature and desire to keep this animal species sustainable for many generations to come, assuring that endangered species are never used.


Woolrich John Rich & Bros has chosen to use only select rabbit fur that comes from the by-product of the food industry and not raised only for fur. The company obtains the fur from the best available producers and from the most modern farms.

Down and Feathers

One hundred percent of the down and feathers used in Woolrich John Rich & Bros products are from duck, not goose. The Company has chosen to use duck because it is a by-product of the food and poultry industry.

For the Fall Winter 2016 collection, 100% of the down and feathers used are fully certified by third-party internationally recognized institutes and laboratories, such as IDFL, under standards established by the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA). Woolrich John Rich & Bros currently offers down jackets with a high Fill Power (FP) value, according to the measurement system used by the International Down & Feather Bureau (IDFB). This assures consumers of the quality of down products (the higher the fill power, the more insulating value the garment will provide). The current average values are FP 600 for 70/30 duck down, FP 650 for 80/20 duck down, and FP 740 for 90/10 duck down. Each item is subjected to testing that constantly monitors the fill power throughout production.

The Company also assures no down or feathers come from live plucking, force-feeding, or any other activity that mistreats animals. By longstanding corporate policy, our suppliers purchase down only from farms that guarantee the welfare of their poultry. Sixty percent of these materials come from specific local farms in Europe, while the remaining 40% comes from certified Asian suppliers. Woolrich John Rich & Bros.’s products 100% traceability regarding the down and feather utilized.

Faux-Fur & synthetic insulation

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. chooses to use only fur coming from farms following strict requirements on animal welfare, only duck feathers, and down for its warming properties, creating significantly warmer and lighter pieces than with synthetic insulators. In addition, the company offers its main parka models with faux-fur and already produces many garments with Primaloft synthetic insulation, devoid of any animal component.

Consumer Health Protection and Safety Standard

For Woolrich John Rich & Bros., it is essential to have complete confidence in the safety of all products put on the market. The Company assures the protection of the health of the customers by avoiding the presence of harmful chemical substances in all garments.

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. already complies with all international laws and regulations and deals only with qualified suppliers. Going even beyond those standards, in order to assure the highest product quality possible, Woolrich John Rich & Bros. has implemented an even more stringent safety standard applied to all of its garments by adopting a Restricted Substances List (RSL) that is constantly updated and improved according to EU, international regulations and voluntary safety protocols. The RSL holds a stricter parameter than required by current regulations.

All suppliers are required to accept and comply with the Woolrich Restricted Substances List (RSL) and to implement management and verification processes in their operations in order to assure all the products delivered fully comply with Woolrich Safety Standard.

To ensure that finished products consistently meet the required safety standards, Woolrich John Rich and Bros. has created a special testing program. This program assures that component materials (such as fur or fabrics) are checked during various phases of the manufacturing process, and that only products that meet all parameters are included in the Woolrich collection. Suppliers are required to regularly carry out testing according to the Woolrich Testing Program.
Moreover, in order to constantly monitor and assure compliance with the safety standard requirements, the Company has implemented a dedicated security team and has established a close collaboration with internationally recognized independent testing laboratories.