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Woolrich Footwear

The Woolrich company has been producing high quality outdoor garments since the year 1830, but at long last they are now venturing into the world of footwear. As many wise people will tell you, creating something great takes time, and this something great was surely worth the wait. There are three styles on off er to start, the Man Mountain Boot, Man Trail Runner and the Woman Mountain Boot. The Man Mountain Boot is meant to distill the essence of the Woolrich signature parkas down into footwear form. Th e upper is made of the ultra durable and waterproof Woolrich 60/40 Radar cloth, a material that has earned its stripes time and time again in harsh weather conditions. Th e sole was created in collaboration with industry leader Vibram and resembles a traditional Buff alo plaid check pattern in its design. This is not only a fun nod to the history of outdoor aesthetics, the use of negative space also helps in obtaining the best grip on branches or concrete while still remaining as light as possible. The Man Trail Runner model also utilizes this specialty Vibram sole, but the sporty silhouette calls for a much different fabrication of the upper section. Woolrich opted for premium Italian drummed leather and suedes to match the sleek nature of the shoe while still maintaining a weatherproof durability. The Woman Mountain Boot has a totally unique set of characteristics, employing weatherproof wool for the body to ensure total warmth in cold conditions, while also providing an anti-bacterial inner sole.

All of these shoes function as hybrids, a true product of the modern world. The traditional hiking lace locks of the Man Mountain Boot mixed with the clean and sturdy execution of a basketball shoe makes for a piece of footwear that is not only beautiful but truly suited for any environment or set of attire. It’s incredible also how the modern design of the Man Trail Runner, fabricated in premium materials, still maintains a look and feel of rugged endurance, or how the Woman Mountain Boot looks powerful in its construction but also feels at ease with a pair of jeans. The designers at Woolrich are realists: realistic about the way contemporary people live their lives, realistic about the hurdles people might need to jump, and realistic about what looks great.