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The Arctic Parka

The parka was born out of necessity. The word itself first entered the English language in the 17th century. It was a catchall term for the layered animal skins and furs worn by the inhabitants of the Aleutian Islands. The unforgiving conditions of the frigid stepping stones that connect North America to Asia required clothing that could withstand the punishment of snow, wind, and cold as well as the salty swells and nearly ceaseless chop of the freezing North Atlantic.

Over time, the parka came to be generally defined as a knee-length coat which would stand up to biting temperatures thanks to the introduction of down filling and a fur-lined hood. A water-resistant shell is often featured as an additional level of protection to keep the elements out and the heat in.

The first Woolrich Arctic Parka was introduced in 1972 to protect the thousands of Alaskan pipeline workers who were living for months on end in northern Alaska. The Woolrich Arctic Parka addressed a primal need. It was the first and best line of defense against the -20F conditions that workers endured during the pipeline’s construction.

Tempered and tested by its harrowing origin, the Arctic Parka quickly became a best-seller and eventually a cornerstone of the Woolrich brand.

While its functional design has remained largely the same throughout the last 45 years, the incorporation of improved technical fabrics and details like the detachable fur ruff have made the Arctic Parka’s weather protection better than ever.

Now available in a variety of styles with different features adaptable to a myriad of settings and conditions, the Woolrich Parka is exemplary of the brand’s classically styled technical outerwear. Providing all the functionality of outdoor gear without sacrifi cing design, it has the versatility required to carry wearers through from mountainside to city center. This combination has made the Arctic Parka a wardrobe staple as well as an enduring testament to the more than 150 years of pride in craftsmanship that defines Woolrich. Existing beyond of the push and pull of fashion and flash, it transcends trends. Timeless and iconic, the Woolrich Parka is something else altogether.