Super light jackets characterised by versatile lines, a minimalist aesthetic and a dynamic attitude to stylishly welcome the arrival of cooler weather.

Lightness and versatility: the ideal combination to embrace the frenetic pace of city life with its last-minute plans and sudden temperature drops.

Light and practical pieces that can be easily packed away in your rucksack or bag.

The Woolrich City Light capsule is an exclusive line of jackets for men and women, designed with an extreme care for details and crafted from high-performance fabrics such as Microfibre and “Wool Like”. Their cold-proof soft padding will keep you warm during the winter.

The Woolrich City Light capsule for men features a short jacket and gilet with a deconstructed design, both made of Microfibre.

The men's collection also features the Luxe jacket in “Wool Like”, a fabric that's warm and soft to the touch, just like wool. 

€ 350,00

Color: Melton Blue

Light Quilted Jacket
€ 450,00

Color: Melton Blue

Luxe Jacket
€ 250,00

Color: Melton Blue

Light Quilted Vest

The Woolrich City Light capsule for women includes the Ellis model, a wind-resistant and water-repellent jacket made of Microfibre, available in two different sizes, a shorter one and a longer hooded one.

These light and versatile feminine models stand out for their horizontal-line quilting which is narrower on the sides.

The range is completed with the Luxe jacket in “Wool Like”, an incredibly soft high-performance polyester that's very similar to wool.

The flared design brings versatility and femininity to the jacket.