Exit to Nature

with Woolrich's FW20 collection

Outdoor gear has gone through many iterations over the years. From the first half of the 20th century where it was strictly necessity and functional gear used by serious outdoor explorers, the military and workers, to the outdoor leisure enthusiasts of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

At this point, the gear started to get more wearable and technical to appease a new generation wanting to get into nature and in the 90s outdoor wear started to creep slowly and surely into the wardrobes of the fashion and style conscious where it firmly finds itself today.

Throughout all these eras of outerwear, at Woolrich we’ve remained ever-present.

Our 190-year-old legacy has not only been able to traverse its way across generations of outdoor enthusiasts, it has also been able somehow to pop-up in some iteration in nearly every subculture. From beatnik to grunge, skater to hardcore, hip-hop to indie, our plaid flannel was usually there to tell the tale.


Color: White Stone

Elm Short Jacket

Color: Black Buffalo

Wool-Blend Cape

Color: Black Check

Stretch-Wool Skirt

Color: Melton Blue

Sierra Stag Quilted Jacket